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Have a small to medium size club or group?

Want to have a better handle on your membership information?

Free one year license!


Membership status

active, retired, paid up, member, non-member

Information Review Emails – Keep your information current..

Events - Defining events, meetings or committees and tagging members into them.

Contact Lists – Created as a PDF file and as importable files.

–Include all or any subset of your members like event or status.

–The Importable file will create a named contact email group when imported.

–Send to your membership directly from the app.

Ten Customizable fields for your unique membership information.

Email directly from App -Any contact list sent directly from the app.

Attendance Reports – For events that you select.

Send Notifications – Directly from the App to your members.

Start up wizards with import – Easy setup.

Your free license includes ...

  • Lets you try this membership app at no obligation.

  • Your data entered into the app is always available to you outside the app.  You are not locked in.

  • Your feedback for additional function or custom field type is always welcome and considered.

  • With this free license you are authorized to updates as they are made available through the website.  Your data is 100% preserved through updates.

To get your free license contact me through the contact page asking for your free license.  Provide the name of your organization to use for your license.

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