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The Pool APP works for different pools.

* Lottery Pool,

* Sports Pool,

* your coffee pool.


Keep in contact and keep it accurate.

Pool Basics

Any pool where the pool's balance is a collection of many pool members' individual balances.


A pool expense is evenly divided amoungst all the members, and any credits are similarly split into each member's balance evenly.


As individuals contribute to the pool, their contribution is individually added to their own balance and the activity is tracked.

Keep track of each person's balance separately.

Keep everyone up to date with automated e-mail communications.

Review previous activity.

Import existing information.

include custom information.

Easy startup wizards.

Track Changes.

Create events and track your members involvement.

Generate Contact Lists as PDF files and as an e-mail group file.

Automatically distribute contact lists and E-mail group files to your membership with a click of a button.

Help keep your information current by sending out information update requests to everyone.

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