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TrackEase app can be used by you to collect personal data.  This data is your data.

TrackEase does not examine, copy, send or otherwise use this data, your data, for any purpose. 

Protection of your data is your responsibility.

TrackEase will notify you by a message in a pop up window if you are creating any written file, report or extract that will contain in plain text any data that is being stored in an encrypted state by TrackEase.  The pop up window will remind you to protect your data.

TrackEase encryptied data cannot be recovered without the encryption key that you choose to create it.

Information provided on the purchase of a license is your product registration. 

The email address provided is use to send the purchased license key to. 

Your payment information is between you and PayPal.  We have no visibility to it.

Your purchase information, excluding your payment credentials, are kept by us to provide continuity of customer care.

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